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Welcome to Funkier Bike Wear Online Shop

FLR Shoes

Shipping is 5$ only, and we ship worldwide!

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Leg Warmers 31.99$
Transparent Windbreaker Vest 72.00$
Funkier Carbon Long Sleeve Jacket 89.99$
Men's Black Long Sleeve Warm Jersey 59.99$
Men's Microfleece Long Bib Pants With Reflective Zipper 110.00$
Sublimation Print Arm Warmers 33.00$
Women's Long Sleeve Microfleece White Jersey 64.99$
Women's Long Sleeve Microfleece Blue Jersey 64.99$
Funkier Carbon Jersey 54.99$
Funkier 3204 Burdo 101.99$
Funkier 3205 Light Grey 101.99$
Funkier Midnight Tales Jersey 59.99$
Funkier Chaos Jersey 54.99$
Funkier Brainstorm Long Sleeve Jersey 79.99$
Funkier Orange Spider Jersey 66.99$
Funkier Rock 'n' Roll Jersey 60.50$
Funkier Blossom Jersey 59.99$

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